Humble Pie Illegal Smile CD

Humble Pie Illegal Smile CD

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Disc One

1. ROLLIN' STONE (Waters) 1971

2. THE LIGHT (Frampton)  1971

3. FOUR DAY CREEP (Cox)   1971

4. BLACK COFFEE (Turner)  1973

5. OH LA DE DAH (Staples)

6. EVERY SINGLE DAY (Marriott)

7. NO MONEY DOWN (Berry)

8. NO WAY (Marriott)

9. DRIFT AWAY (Williams)

10. DON'T WORRY, BE HAPPY (Marriott)

11. NINETY NINE POUNDS (Bryant/Bryant)

12. DRIVE MY CAR (Lennon/McCartney)

13. QUEENS AND NUNS (Marriott)

14. ROAD HOG (Marriott)

15. COUNTRYMAN STOMP (Marriott/Ridley)

16. RAIN (Lennon/McCartney)

17. THERE 'TIS (Marriott/Clempson)

18. LET ME BE YOUR LOVEMAKER (Marriott/Ridley)


1974  from Clearsound Studios except 1-4


Disc Two: Live in San Francisco May 1973

1.         FOUR DAY CREEP (Cox)

2.         C'MON EVERYBODY (Capeheart/Cochran)

3.         HONKY TONK WOMAN (Jagger/Richards)

4.         STONE COLD FEVER (Marriott)

5.         I BELIEVE TO MY SOUL (Charles)

6.         THIRTY DAYS IN THE HOLE (Marriott)

7.         ROAD RUNNER (Holland/Dozier/Holland)

8.         HALLELUJAH I LOVE HER SO (Charles)

9.         I DON'T NEED NO DOCTOR (Ashford/Simpson)






  • Un released studio recordings from Steve s own recording studio Clearsound
  • The band had been relentlessly touring (predominantly USA) for the last 3 years     so practically lived in Clearsound studios in the Essex countryside during 1974
  • Includes bonus of classic live recordings from San Francisco including the U.S hit single ‘30 days in the hole’ along with the Rolling Stones ‘honky tonk women’ and Ashford & Simpson’s  ‘I don’t need no doctor ‘ and a couple of true blue soulful interpretations of Ray Charles  “I believe to my soul “ & “Hallelujah I love her so !”
  • Featuring the classic Humble Pie line up of Marriott- Shirley-Ridley-Clempson ..with 3 tracks including Peter Frampton
  • All tracks have been cleaned and mastered
  • Album comes with liner notes from the Steve Marriott book ‘All Too Beautiful’ author John Hellier
  • Presented in Gatefold sleeve with rare photos



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