Dave-Id Busaras & Giancarlo Ferrari I am You Are CD

Dave-Id Busaras & Giancarlo Ferrari I am You Are CD

Label: Easy Action
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Dave-Id Busaras   & Giancarlo Ferrari

I am You Are

EARS155   Barcode: 5060446072332


  1. I am, you Are
  2. All I want to be is Freedom
  3. Parasites kill it all
  4. Holy Soul
  5. Of Life's things  
  6. Always the same
  7. All in Your Mind
  8. Lana
  9. King of Dirt
  10. When Your Looks are Lost
  11. Say you love me!


All songs written by Dave-id Busaras & Giancarlo Ferrari

Dave-Id Busaras   Lead Vocals

 Giancarlo Ferrari    Keyboards Programming Vocals


Produced by Rod Callan & Giancarlo Ferrari

Recorded at Monastero (Cavaglietto, Italy) & Sonic Recording Studios (Dublin, Ireland)

Mastered by Anders Peterson at ghost Sound mastering & Post (Sweden)

Design Mawgan Lewis at         (Cornwall, England)

Photos by Peter Rowen

Giancarlo Ferrari: “I wish to thank Barbara Bozzola, Dave -Id Busaras, Patina Crème, Mary D’Nellon, Federico Fiumani, Beatrice Silvana Grassi, Mick Mercer, Peter Rowen, and Song Yuanyuan. I dedicate this album to the memory of my brothers and sisters who died before they were  born.”



P 2018 Easy Action / Busaras – Ferrari     C 2018 Easy action

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