Dave-Id Busaras (VIRGIN PRUNES) and Toshi Hiraoka Bushy Luxury

Dave-Id Busaras (VIRGIN PRUNES) and Toshi Hiraoka Bushy Luxury

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  1. Wake Up (Busaras/ Hiraoka) ER Guitars
  2. Dirty Mood ( Bushy Luxury )  (Busaras/ Callan) WS Drums SB Guitars
  3. Help Rich, Kill Poor (Busaras)
  4. She Pulls Trick (Busaras/ Hiraoka) ER Guitars
  5. Story from The Wood (Busaras/ Callan)
  6. Castal Muck (Guggi)
  7. Too Young to Die, Not Too Young to Fuck (Busaras/ Hiraoka)
  8. She’s the one for you (Busaras/ Hiraoka)  RC Bass
  9. Disease of conceit (Busaras/ Hiraoka)
  10. AIDS Kills, who wants to die (Busaras/ Callan)
  11. Waiting (Busaras/ Hiraoka)
  12. Dirty Talk (Busaras)
  13. Sex City (Busaras/ Rowen/ Reynolds)  JR Bass ER Guitars
  14. Cannot Wait till Morning (Busaras/ Hiraoka)
  15. Sick for Her Love (Busaras/ Rowen/ Reynolds)  JR Bass WS Drums ER Guitars
  16. Sunday Blues (Busaras)
  17. Angel (Busaras/ Hiraoka)
  18. Won’t Get Over It Long Time (Busaras/ Hiraoka) ER Guitars
  19. Bushy Luxury (The whole story) (Busaras/ Hiraoka)
  20. Who wants to look like Dave-iD(Part II) (Busaras)


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