Jowe Head Widdershins Brand new album 2 x LP set

Jowe Head Widdershins Brand new album 2 x LP set

Label: Easy Action
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further details will be published once we know when delivery of album is confirmed BUt release will be Feb /March 2019



LP           EARS150LP          5060446072233


Side One                           

Lyke- Wake Dirge             4.21      

Tankerton Bay   5.02      

Minotaur Song   2.3        

Nottamun Town               4.17      

Ode to Krampus               4.22      

Side Two                           

Extraterrestrials               2.17      

Extras    3.11      

 Joseph Cornell  3.19      

Tom O Bedlam   3.58      

Gower Song        5.04      

Side Three                        

Trees     2.05      

Baba Yaga           3.55      

Half-Bike             3.04      

Ein Stuhl In Der Holle      3.26      

King Of The Corn              5.49      

Side Four                           

Long Live the Sun             3.41      

Two Ravens        5.07      

Bolweevil Holler               2.16      

Shepherd's Lament         5.16      

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