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Stooges Bundle

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The Stooges -  Heavy Liquid, You Don't Want My Name, Extended Play Bundle

An amazing bundle of rarities and box sets.

1.  A Thousand Lights  CD Live in 1970

 New York FEb


Chicago18th July

    Loose    3.39                    
    Down On the street  5.00
    1970    5.26
    (the shadow of  your smile ) – Fun House 9.58
    L.A Blues 6.08

Gooselake 8th August 1970


Cincinatti 13th June

    TV Eye

2.  The Stooges - Heavy Liquid - 6 CD Boxset

Heavy Liquid is a six disc box set that is “Band Sanctioned” product

The lavish booklet contains previously unpublished photos from Mick Rock (1972) & Lee Black Childers (1973) Robert Matheu (1973)

Across the six discs the boxed set contains previously unreleased material from the original Master Tapes that formed the basis of the Legendary Raw Power album

The booklet also contains extensive liner notes including exclusive interviews with Iggy Pop, Ron & Scott Asheton
The Olympic Studio Tapes London 1972

All Unheard & Unreleased Taken from recently discovered Multi Track Master Tapes!

1. I got a right {no gtr solo} (3:39)
2. I got a right {Take#2 false start no gtr solo} (0:41)
3. I got a right (3:11)
4. Gimme some skin {Instrumental} (2:42)
5. Gimme some skin (2:50)
6. I got a right {Instrumental} (3:46)
7. I got a right {incl. Gtr Solo} (2:50)
8. I got a right {Retake #2 Inst., Leslied gtr, no solo, drums check} (4:14)
9. Louie Louie (2:56)
10. I got a right {..Too Slow} (1:01)
11. I got a right {two false starts} (4:14)
12. I got a right {not leslied, no solo} (3.40)
13. Money (2:38)
14. I got a right {false starts} (1:26)
15. I got a right {diff lyrics outro} (2:52)
16. I got a right {incl. Solo} (3:08)
17. I got a right {diff drums, incl. solo} (2:55)
18. I’m sick of you {Bonus tracks Recorded London ’72} (6:54)
19. Tight Pants {Bonus tracks Recorded London ’72} (2:12)
20. Scene of the crime {Bonus tracks Recorded London ’72} (2:54)
Morgan Sound Studios Ypsilanti Michigan 1973

Unreleased rehearsal taken from recently discovered ¼ inch tape

1. Raw Power (Take 1)
2. Raw Power (Take 2)
3. Head On Curve (Take 1)
4. Head On Curve (Take 2)
5. I Need Somebody-Sweet Child-I like the way you walk 17:00
6. Search & destroy
7. Can’t turn you loose 1.20
8. I Need Somebody (Version 2) 6:43
9. Head On Curve (Version 2) 6:50
10. Gimme Danger 7:50
Los Angeles & Detroit Rehearsals Spring 1973

1. Cock in my Pocket
2. Open Up & Bleed
3. How it Hurts (Rubber Legs)
4. Johanna
5. She Creatures of the Hollywood Hills
6. Head On
7. Born in a trailer
8. Till the end of the night / I got a problem
9. My girl hates my heroin/ Wild Love
10. Hey Baby ?
11. Jesus loves the Stooges
The Return To New York July 1973

CBS Studios New York. Rehearsals for the upcoming shows at Max’s Kansas City

1. Rubber Legs
2. Johanna
3. Cock in my pocket
4. Head on Curve
5. Cry for me/pinpoint eyes
6. Open up & Bleed
7. Rubber Legs #2

Live at Max’s Kansas City 30th July 1973 * with Scott Thurston on piano

8. Raw Power
9. Head On
10. Gimme Danger
11. Cock in my Pocket
12. Search & Destroy
13. I need Somebody
14. Heavy Liquid
Whisky a go go 17th September 1973 (first set)
Totally unreleased tape

1. Raw Power 5.25
2. Head On 7.50
3. Gimme Danger 7.20
4. Search & Destroy 4.20
5. I Need somebody 5.05
6. Heavy Liquid 5.45
7. Cock in my pocket 3.15
8. Open up & bleed 11.40
Bimbos 365, club San Francisco January 11th or 12th 1974

1. Wet my bed 4.50
2. I got nothing 4.30
3. Head On 11.00
4. Open up & bleed 12.55

3.   The Stooges - You Don't Want My Name . . .

Ok how do i start here ? We have bought tapes of four Stooges shows from spring 1971 when the line up included James & Ron on guitar with Jimmy Recca on bass and what a sound they make too ! mind blowing isnt the word . Why this whole thing was resricted to a handful of gigs, with all the set list bar ’I got a right’ being scrapped is beyond comprehension this band are truly magnificent . These shows illustrate just how shoddy the Michigan Palace show or the Whiskey a go go shows really were in comparison.

freehand/digital design les clark

And not a fuckin piano in sight !

These recordings are Audience recordings!

The Electric Circus shows in New York and the Detroit show being recorded by then manager Danny Fields who has kindly written a forward for us . The wonderful thing that you get with the audience recording is that you pick up bits of conversation of the New York crowd from that gig which i find endearing . We also have photos from the gig shot by Eric Rudolph. and Lisa Gottlieb The St Louis Factory show has been very poorly bootlegged but the recording made by John Caspermeyer has been taken into the studio and improved and again we have photos from the concert shot by Craig Petty and his first hand account of the gig.

The Ups and downs:

The documentative importance of these recordings are why we are bringing them to you.

The band have authorised this!

The sound of the Stooges in 1971 themselves is something to wallow in, they were a band on fire, despite whatever recreational activities were going on in and around this time . Simply they were brilliant compared to the mess that you here on Metallic ko.

Blistering twin guitars abound throughout and the sound quality of the band is pretty good throughout unfortunately iggys vocals are often lost as he leaves the stage for a burger or to be sick ..actually sometimes he doesnt leave the stage to be sick think im joking ??

This set is for the hard core fans only

It is 4 concerts of exactly the same set of 6 songs which include to the best of our knowledge I Got a Right , You Dont Want my Name. Possibly Fresh Rag however the surviving Stooges dont seem to be able to recall what the songs were called so we havent set out a set list of made up names.
They are all recorded by audience members on cassette.

I cannot stress enough that although our recordings are enormously superior to the Factory bootleg they are still audience recordings.

There will only be 1000 of these sets made available.

They will be exclusively available from the web site.

So we only have one shot at this so everything including the kitchen sink is going in.

One of the greatest bands in the world playing a handful of gigs with a twin guitar line –up which lasted all of two months with a live set list that was scrapped and never performed nor recorded again.

My personal recomendation is MAKE SURE YOU GET ONE ! The performance is out of this world !!

Design & Layout : Les Clark
Disc 1

The Electric Circus (14.5.71)
Disc 2

The Electric Circus (15.5.71)
Disc 3

The Factory St Charles St Louis 27.5.71 (Last Stooges gig on the 71 tour)
Disc 4

Vanity Ballroom East Jefferson Detroit 13.4.71 (First show of the tour)


4.  The Stooges - Extended Play CD and DVDA

Due to a misunderstanding at the manufacturers our information sticker that should have been removable and outside of the shrinkwrap is in fact on the product itself and is non removable. So to avoid damaging your cover do not remove the sticker

    This EP is the First Ever band approved audiophile DVD 5.1 surround mix DVD audio release
    CD disc (Disc 1) contains versions not included in the box set; Heavy Liquid including an exclusive mix of “I Got A Right” that is not available elsewhere.
    The whole set will be packaged in a luxurious double digi-pac with unpublished photos.
    This EP is a Ltd edition of just 5000 numbered copies.
    The new Stooges album The Weirdness ensures interest in the band is high

CD Audio

    Hard To Beat (Rough mix recorded in London 1972)
    Head On (Recorded in Detroit 1973 with Bob Scheff on piano)
    I got a right (Not on boxed set, Incendary version rejected U.S TV ad)

5.1 DVD Audio

    I got a right (version 1)
    Louie Louie
    Gimme some Skin
    I got a right (version 2)

All Recorded at Olympic Studios 1972 all unreleased

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