Compilation Bundle - 3 Albums for a Tenner!

Compilation Bundle - 3 Albums for a Tenner!

Label: Easy Action
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63 Tracks of nigh on pure excellence for less than a tenner !!!

1. The Fabulous Rachel Moss Album 

1.Brian James                      “Man with no name “

2.Iggy Pop                             “Fire Engine” unused radio edit Unreleased

3.Teasing Lu Lu                   “The Ex Factor”  Unreleased 

4.Lou Reed                               “Sweet Jane ”

5.Sunray                                    “Tomorrow”

6.Maple Bee                              “Something “

7.Lords of the New Church      “Gun called justice V.2 “ Unreleased

8.Certain General                      “ Kill & Take ”

9.Dave Kusworth                  “For all the perfect people “ Unreleased

10.Sylvain Sylvain                 “Paper, pencil & glue”

11.T. Rex                                  “Raw Ramp”

12.MC5                                   “Looking at you ”

13.Penetration                        “NEVERr”  Unreleased

14.Stooges                               “I got a right”

15.Judee Sill                            “Jesus was a cross maker”

16.Mark Mulholland              “I don’t want to hear you laugh”

17.Mike Watt                         “ Puked to high heaven”

18.Iggy Pop                             “Raw Power”

19.Julie Collings                     “Don’t”

20.SRB                                    “Dangerous”

21.Steve Marriott                   “Tin Soldier”


01. Big Cat Stomp* - Cheetah Chrome w/ Sweet Justice [Nashville/Hollywood]

02. Turn You On** - The Original Sins [Bethlehem, PA]

03. Real Gone* - The 31st [Brisbane]

04. See You Cry* - The Phantoms [New Orleans]

05. Overcome* - Grand Theft Auto [Chicago]

06. LSD** - Pink Slip Daddy [Camden, NJ]

07. Pedal To The Metal* - The Blue Chieftains [New York]

08. Loser Mentality* - The Dictators [New York]

09. Nothing But The Shell* - Steve Wynn @ Roscoe’s [New York]

10. Just Like Fire Would* - Leadfinger [Sydney]

11. Got It Made** - Go To Blazes [Philly]

12. It Ain’t Rain* - Mike Wilhelm w/ Johnny Casino’s Easy Action [SF/Sydney/Philly]

13. Never Too Soon* - The Windbreakers [Jackson, MS]

14. All Because Of You* - The Rockets [Detroit]

15. Original Sin - Chris Masuak & The North 40 w/ Scott Morgan [Sydney/Ann Arbor]

16. Smith & Wesson Blues* - Deniz Tek w/ Scott Morgan’s Powertrane [Ann Arbor]

17. Midnight Moses* - Sweet Justice [Hollywood]

18. Born 2 Make U Cry - The Friggs [Philly] 

19. Baby You’re Not For Sale* - The Scientists [Perth]

20. Blood On Your Cool* - Iggy Pop & The Trolls [The World]

* Exclusive track    ** First time on CD

3. Shark Infested Waters

1.I Got A Right (Alt Mix)         Iggy & The Stooges 

2.God Of The Grain                Amebix

3.Venus Fly Trap                     Moriaty

4.Don’t Explain                       Rowland S Howard & Nikki Sudden 

5.DFK                                      Honey 

6.The Dodo                           The Red Cords 

7.Lemon                                The Black Tambourines 

8.The Fall                               Lost Dawn

9.Are You With Me Or Not?   Teasing LuLu

10.Brompton Cocktail        The Skuzzies

11.Mamma You Got A Daughter   John Lee Hooker

12.Asteroid B-612               The Hydromatics 

13.Skull x                                Primal Scream & DKT MC5

14.City slang                         Sonic’s Rendezvous Band 

15.Down Right Blue            Scott Morgan & The Hellacopters 

16.Lava                                 The B-52s 

17.Stupid Rockstar             Phil Shoenfelt

18.Just Another Girl           Johnny Thunders 

19.Sick Of Being Sick           Brian James 

20.Baby Please Don’t Go   Bob Dylan 

21.Nobody Likes Me          The Alice Cooper Group

22.Piss Factory                    Patti Smith

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