LOU REED The Sally Can't Dance Tour Tapes

LOU REED The Sally Can't Dance Tour Tapes

Label: Easy Action
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This album ships from Robin Mayhew  not from us 


Limited edition 2xCD pressing 

Live recording direct from the mixer at Dayton Ohio 
(Warning - some explicit lyrics)


Tracks 1 - 3 Felt Forum New York Tracks 4 - 10 inclusive of medleys Dayton Ohio Line up: Danny Weis - Guitar Michael Fonfara - Keyboards Prakash John - Bass Mouse Johnson - Drums Sound by Robin Mayhew Disc 1 1- Introduction play into 2- Sweet Jane 3- Vicious 4- Ride Sally Ride 5- Heroin 6- Kill your Sons 7- New York Stars Disc 2 1- Animal Language 2- Waitin' for my Man / Sally Can't Dance medley due to broken string 3- Walk on the Wild Side 4- White Light 5- New York Conversation/Goodnight Ladies medley (return) 6- Rock 'n' Roll

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