X Lords of the New Church: Rockers - LP **SOLD OUT **

X Lords of the New Church: Rockers - LP **SOLD OUT **

Label: Easy Action
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  • Completely remixed by founder member Brian James from original Multi track masters at Abbey Rd
  • Tracks selected from across all three albums
  • 25th Anniversary of the Lords of the New Church forming with Stiv Bator and Brian James in 1982
  • Advertising in Classic Rock , Record Collector
  • Brand new album cover artwork by original Lords album cover designer Graham Humphries
  • Liner notes by Brian James
  • Only one compilation currently available in the market place at this time


  1. Lil boys play with dolls (Bator /B. James)
  2. Livin on livin (Bator /B. James)
  3. Apocalypso (Bator /B. James)
  4. Black girl white girl ( Bator / T. James)
  5. Downtown (Bator /B. James)
  6. Partners in crime (Bator /B. James)
  7. Pretty baby scream (Bator /B. James)
  8. I never believed (Bator /B. James)
  9. Fresh flesh (Bator /B. James)
  10. Method to my madness (Bator /B. James)

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