The TUBES The fantastic Live delusion 2 x Cd set 2 concerts ***only £8 !! ***

The TUBES The fantastic Live delusion 2 x Cd set 2 concerts ***only £8 !! ***

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Card gatefold sleeve   Liner notes   fm broadcasdts  re mastered  



Disc One   

The Kabuki Theatre San Francisco 17th September 1983


01 – Business                                                                                                                    

02 - Out of The Business                                                                                                

03 - Theme Park                                                                                                               

04 - Matter of Pride                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

05 – Glasshouse                                                                                                                

06 - Sports Fans                                                                                                                

07 – Amnesia                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

08 - Mr Hate                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

09 - Mondo Bondage                                                                                                                                  

10 - Don't Want to Wait Anymore                                                                               

11 - James Brown Medley                                                                                              

12 - Tip of My Tongue                                                                                                     

13 - The Monkey Time                                                                                                    

14 - Wild Women of Wongo                                                                                          

15 – Drums                                                                                                                      

16 - She's A Beauty                                                                                                          

17 - Talk To Ya Later                                                                                                        

18 - Getoverture / White Punks On Dope   

   Line Up

Rick Anderson – Bass

Michael Cotten - Synthesizer

Mingo Lewis - Percussion

Prarie Prince  - Drums, Producer, Art Direction

Bill Spooner - Guitar, Vocals

Roger Steen - Guitar, Vocals

Fee Waybill - Vocals

Vince Welnick- Keyboards

Michele Gray- Vocals


   Disc Two

The Agora Cleveland 18th July 1981 

1. Intro

2. Matter Of Pride

3. TV Is King

4. Think About Me

5. Sports Fans

6. Amnesia

7. Mr. Hate

8. Attack Of The Fifty Foot Woman

9. Smoke

10. Mondo Bondage

11. Don’t Want To Wait Anymore

12. Sushi Girl

13. Speech Business

14. Talk To Ya Later

15. Let’s Make Some Noise

16. White Punks On Dope

Line Up

Rick Anderson – Bass

Michael Cotten - Synthesizer

Prarie Prince  - Drums, Producer, Art Direction

Bill Spooner - Guitar, Vocals

Roger Steen - Guitar, Vocals

Fee Waybill - Vocals

Vince Welnick- Keyboards


Brief Overview         

The Tubes were a rock band from San Francisco who formed in the early seventies and mixed “Rock Theatre” with quirky yet catchy rock songs. Signed to the big independent record label A&M Records, the band won their record contract not through the usual manner of recording an audio demo but filming a demo of one of their shows. Ultimately this got them noticed in a far better way than any audio demo could hope to do. Realising that they had something special on their hands and what looked to be the full package of live show and good if quirky songs, A&M signed the Tubes and put them in the studio with Al Kooper who produced their first self-titled album in 1975. Kooper also managed to rein in the band’s more quirky side and vetoed some of the more left field or outlandish songs.

Throughout the seventies the band won many fans and also won over many people within the record industry and while they did score some hits and the albums the band recorded did make the charts at the end of the seventies, A&M Records dropped The Tubes following the release of their final album for the label Remote Control which had been produced by Todd Rundgren. Oddly enough the band scored their biggest hit in the UK with a single from that album, “Prime Time”.

Signing with a new record label Capitol Records, the band released their debut for the label in 1981, The Completion Backward Principle produced by successful record producer and song writer David Foster. The album spawned two hit singles with Don’t Want To Wait Anymore and Talk To You Later both of which were co-written with producer Foster. The two singles performed well in the Billboard charts with Talk To Ya Later making the Top Ten. The album also made the Top Forty.

The follow up album Outside Inside was released two years later in early 1983 and performed even better on the Billboard charts that the previous album making the top twenty, and a hit single from the album  She’s A Beauty making the Top Ten of the Billboard charts and number One in the mainstream Rock Charts.

The two shows featured on this release cover the period framed by these two albums.  By 1983 the Tubes were enjoying not only success in the live arena but also enjoying hit records. Their most recent album Outside Inside was released in the first half of 1983 and performed well in the charts and The Tubes were also asked to open for David Bowie on a number of dates as he was embarking on his Serious Moonlight Tour. Following the tour dates with Bowie, the band embarked on a series of concerts of their own on the West Coast with this concert in San Francisco being one of those dates. For this set the band were still playing material from their previous album The Completion Backwards Principle but there was also a large amount of the Outside Inside album in the live set including Out Of The Business, The Monkey Time, Glass House, Wild Women Of Wongo, Drums, Theme Park and the hit single She’s A Beauty

The second show featured on this two disc set comes from a show in Cleveland just over two years earlier. This time the band was promoting their first album for Capitol Records The Completion Backward Principle. At the time of the concert featured here recorded for radio broadcast The Tubes were enjoying a hit single with a track lifted from the album, Don’t Want To Wait Anymore, a song that would eventually reach number thirty five in the Top Forty.

At this point in their career the Tubes were enjoying   not only commercial success with finely crafted pop/rock songs but their stage act had become ever more sophisticated  and the band were now filling large arenas  with their mix of great songs and a finely crafted stage show. Despite  a number of line-up changes the band are still a going concern and tour regularly with a line-up that still features Fee Waybill, Roger Steen, Rick Anderson and Prairie Prince from the band’s heyday.




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