Melanie Garside (Maple Bee): Fossil Remastered Ltd Edt

Melanie Garside (Maple Bee): Fossil Remastered Ltd Edt

Label: XIE Recordings
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The stunning debut album available again after being out of print for over a decade 

  1. Centred Sideways
  2. Big White Room
  3. Broken Fingers
  4. She Knows
  5. Has And To Do
  6. Stay
  7. Sick On Words
  8. Hide
  9. Learn To Learn
  10. One for now
  11. Smile
  12. Besides
  13. Snow Shoes 
  • Original debut solo album by Melanie Garside ( aka Maple Bee)
  • Contains both singles “Big White Room “  & “She Knows “
  • This album has been out of print for 10 years and to coincide with the brand new Maple Bee album “These four worlds “(due this summer) and also the brand new Huski album “H” a limited amount of this album will be made available.

The record was well received by the music business achieving Album of the Month in Music Week and receiving critical acclaim from the broadsheet press - The Sunday Times likening Garside's musical force and talent to that of Annie Lennox. The alternative press who had previously championed Garside, did not take to the new direction. London Underground stations were full of promotional posters for the first single and BBC Radio 1 gave Big White Room extensive daytime play. The videos for the single featured on Saturday morning TV show, The Chart Show. Garside also appeared on The Big Breakfast (Channel 4) with cult puppet act Zig and Zag, she made an evening appearance on The James Whale Show, GMTV and sang with The James Taylor Quartet on The Gaby Roslin Show. Staffing issues at the record label meant that although Big White Room was well received the record was not actually available to buy in the shops and it disappeared fairly quickly. The second single She Knows was available to buy but received very little press. Garside spent the next year touring and traveling in South East Asia, promoting Fossil in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, North Korea and Taiwan.

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