Melanie Garside Bundle 5 Discs

Melanie Garside Bundle 5 Discs

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Maple Bee - Home & Chasing Eva,

Vertigo Angels - Eradicate Apathy,

Melanie Garside - Fossil




Maple Bee - Home

The very long awaited second album from Maple Bee shows that Ms Bee has more tricks up her sleeve than Merlin on a good day!

    Since the 2004 critically acclaimed debut "Chasing Eva", Ms Bee has been a fully signed up Mediaeval Baebe touring most continents, played bass and co written for sister Katie Jane's rock n roll band ‘Queen Adreena', been on two U.K tours as lead singer and songwriter with electrosexdance act ‘Huski'. Played European dates including a 5000 audience in France
    Both singles ‘Quiet the silent world' & ‘This face , this name' produced by Simon Goggerly ( Kylie / U2)
    The Video for ‘No Place' directed by Kate Schermerhorn will included in an e.p.k distributed to all European press

The Songs

01 while you were sleeping

02 me & rose

03 quiet, the silent world

04 no place

05 queen 23

06 I want it all

07 so far from lost

Blank Player 08 this face this name

09 sweetness in your light

10 mirrior

11 somebody take me home

Maple Bee - Chasing Eva - Double CD

2 x CD set by the multi talented Maple Bee ( aka Mel Garside) achieved the following accolades : won ‘Album of the Year’ on the popular ‘Morpheus’ web site as well as picking up ‘Best Album Cover’ design. 3 stars in Q magazine , 4 stars in the Independent on Sunday,

    Maple also recorded and toured, as bassist, with her sister‘s notorious band Queen Adreena and co wrote the indie hit single “Medicine Jar” ,”The Butcher & the Butterfly” taken from the album and has passionate support from the Queen Adreena fan base .
    Under her real name of Melanie Garside, Mel recorded a solo album with Echo Records and toured Europe and the Far East where the album was very successful and charted domestically. Prior to that Mel had a band Tabatha Zu who were a favourite on the London club scene in the mid 90’s.
    Maple is a current member of the internationally successful Mediaeval Baebes and again has written the latest single and has the Baebes fan base among her supporters
    Xie Recordings have secured the rights to Maple Bee’ s back catalogue which will be re issuing during the year

Disc One

    Bell Song
    Moth Touch
    Turn in
    Hello Eve
    Around for eva
    Sun on Snow
    The Messenger
    Perhaps Perhaps
    Sadness Landed
    City in a belly
    Fit in
    The Messenger - Video

Disc Two

    Rare Colours
    Old Ties
    Alright (Build me a house)
    This Time
    What’s coming next
    State of Waiting
    Got her way
    The Wing

Vertigo Angels - Eradicate Apathy

    The ever increasingly talented Maple Bee unleashes the harshest of her myriad of musical excursions with the Vertigo Angels 3 piece band
    This album enjoyed all of 3 weeks release originally before the Production and Management Company went bankrupt and the album became entangled in ownership problems. Due to fans relentless requests Xie has taken up the battle and won and here it is ..
    Maple bee has toured the world with the medaeival beabes, has taken on a solo tour in France and is a brand new solo album "Home " is due to be released in October as well as lining up the next huski album.
    Live dates are being booked now and with her increasing fan base Xie Recordings will be dedicating the entire label to her projects only, to maximise profile and marketing.
    An i-tunes exclusive E.P "the bones & pictures E.P" of Everything, No Coincidence, Burned, and Bones & pictures will be issued prior to the albums release
    The maple bee myspace and web site will be alerted to the fact that we have finally got the album back and will be for sale via retail
    The promo videos will be up loaded to youtube

    Push push
    angel Vertigo
    Still on my own
    eva Green
    out Of my Mind
    Bones and pictures
    Terminally You
     Nothing of me

Melanie Garside - Fossil

    Original debut solo album by Melanie Garside ( aka Maple Bee)
    Contains both singles “Big White Room “  & “She Knows “
    This album has been out of print for 10 years and to coincide with the brand new Maple Bee album “These four worlds “(due this summer) and also the brand new Huski album “H” a limited amount of this album will be made available.

The record was well received by the music business achieving Album of the Month in Music Week and receiving critical acclaim from the broadsheet press - The Sunday Times likening Garside's musical force and talent to that of Annie Lennox. The alternative press who had previously championed Garside, did not take to the new direction. London Underground stations were full of promotional posters for the first single and BBC Radio 1 gave Big White Room extensive daytime play. The videos for the single featured on Saturday morning TV show, The Chart Show. Garside also appeared on The Big Breakfast (Channel 4) with cult puppet act Zig and Zag, she made an evening appearance on The James Whale Show, GMTV and sang with The James Taylor Quartet on The Gaby Roslin Show. Staffing issues at the record label meant that although Big White Room was well received the record was not actually available to buy in the shops and it disappeared fairly quickly. The second single She Knows was available to buy but received very little press. Garside spent the next year touring and traveling in South East Asia, promoting Fossil in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, North Korea and Taiwan.

01 Centred Sideways

02 Big White Room

03 Broken Fingers

04 She Knows

05 Has And To Do

06 Stay

07 Sick On Words

08 Hide

09 Learn To Learn

10 One for now

11 Smile

12 Besides

13 Snow Shoes

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