LOCKS Skeletal Blues CD

LOCKS Skeletal Blues CD

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Debut album by one of the most talked about new acts in the Uk . Housed in their unique style artwork the album is available on both CD & vinyl LP. Features 3 singles, the video for Bodies is to be launched in MAY.

LOCKS have a full page feature in the current  Louder Than War magazine



Skeletons   https://youtu.be/akOWPoo11pk

Skin    https://youtu.be/kB5-WppzmlI


In the City

Devil & Me

The Chase


White Tape




“Simply mesmerising” STEVE LAMACQ BBC6 MUSIC

“Nick Cave meets Tom Waits in a smoky after-hours whiskey bar” CHRIS HAWKINS BBC6 MUSIC

“Another complete banger” TOM ROBINSON BBC 6 MUSIC

“Bestrides dark and light impressively” FRESH ON THE NET

“Strikingly good...I really am left wanting to hear more (actually a lot more)” BEEHIVE CANDY

“Akin to the cinematic ghostliness of Nick Cave and Kate Bush…[LOCKS] masterfully weave eerie alt-folk with suspenseful blues rock, which they call skeletal blues” THE REVUE

“I’d follow her siren song anywhere...great” INDIE SHUFFLE

“The darkest, grittiest blues you've ever heard” BBC ONLINE

“A unique tone...a must see” WITH GUITARS

“Awe-inspiring and ghostlike” ★★★★ (4/5) ROLLING STONE GERMANY


•          Debut EP ‘Rattle them Bones’ (features 'Wishbone' and 'The Gin Song') garnered extensive radio play on BBC   https://youtu.be/fq7L0gaD37w


•          'The Gin Song' named one of Steve Lamacq's Best of 2017

•          The EP led directly to LOCKS being recommended by Steve Lamacq to play The Great Escape festival in Brighton

•          BBC 6 Music and Radio X play-listed LOCKS last single ‘Skin’

•          ‘Bodies’ is released on digital and 7” vinyl 13th April 2018







They have been called smoky, cinematic, and ghostly. DJ Steve Lamacq calls them simply "mesmerising". They’re a four-piece based in North London. Together they are LOCKS. Together they are mesmerising. Singer-guitarist Locks Geary-Griffin sings lullabies of a sort, accompanied by two wise men and one wise woman — Mike Byrne (double bass), Andy Marvell (drums) and Marian McClenaghan (fiddle). 'Skeletal blues' is the name they give their sound and their debut album.


Whatever you call it, it’s delicious, infectious, almost other-worldly. “It’s dark and jaunty, the lyrics focus on the unnerving parts of life we all encounter, the bits people try to ignore in themselves or that consume them…it’s meant to shake you and unsettle you,” says Locks Geary-Griffin. It’s in the rhythmic guitar, the percussive playing of stringed instruments, experimental drum sounds, and those lullabies of a sort.


A hint of the macabre joins in with the sheer enjoyment of words, their meanings and sound. The darker undercurrents combine with fables, folktales, urban myths and a wonderful playfulness. Here are stories of gin drinkers dancing with the damned, bodies buried in the backyard and secrets whispered into the night. One writer puts it rather well: “[LOCKS] masterfully weave eerie alt-folk with suspenseful blues rock, which they call skeletal blues”.


“I write the lyrics and guitar parts first, then record onto my phone and send it round to everyone who adds their parts on top in a layering process to create the sound. The main themes are usually dark and macabre. If there’s a beautiful garden surrounding a well-maintained house, we are the scarecrow in that garden,” reveals Locks Geary-Griffin.


Locks Geary-Griffin grew up in the small Derbyshire village of Diseworth. Starting out as a solo singer-songwriter, Locks collaborated with other musicians and friends across Portsmouth, Manchester and Bristol, before settling in London. LOCKS (the band) was formed in 2016, when Locks met Mike Byrne, after posting an ad for a double bassist. They bonded over a mutual fascination with music, film and books. Mike had grown up in Dublin, Ireland and previously played electric bass in rock and Celtic punk bands, later making the switch to double bass.


Determined to complete the band, the two set about looking for a fiddle player and a drummer. By chance, Locks Geary-Griffin and Marian McClenaghan had met already, serving on the wrong side of a bar in Soho. Marian was born in County Antrim in Ireland, later also moving to London. Marian was taught violin classically at school, and traditionally elsewhere. Marian joined the band. After initial rehearsals, the band began recording in London with producer Michael “Smithy” Smith.


But one final musician was needed for LOCKS. An exhaustive search for a drummer commenced. Somehow Andy Marvell, from Loughborough, all 6ft something of him, walked in through the door of rehearsal studio New Rose, Camden in early 2017. The band was complete and ready to record more music. One last masterly touch: the unmistakable original sleeve art of the band’s releases is contributed by illustrator/artist Jemma Hardingham, working with Locks.


LOCKS is on the rise. UK radio has already picked up on the band. Debut EP ‘Rattle them Bones’ (which features 'Wishbone' and 'The Gin Song') has garnered extensive radio play on BBC wavelengths, with 'The Gin Song' being named as one of Steve Lamacq's Best of 2017. The EP led directly to LOCKS being recommended by Steve Lamacq to play The Great Escape festival in Brighton. The latest news at the start of 2018 is that BBC 6 Music has play-listed new LOCKS single ‘Skin’. The next single will be 'Bodies', to be released on digital and vinyl, April 2018. The band’s debut album 'Skeletal Blues' is due for release on digital, CD and vinyl in May 2018.



Radio:  James Chapple -Gill- Chapple Davies:  james@chapdav.com

Press: Mal Smith- DELTA PR:  mal@delta-pr.com








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