We Are Ten !!

Easy Action presents Rock ‘n’ Roll's primeval aristocracy including Iggy & the Stooges, halcyon Lou Reed, high voltage kings The MC5, and quintessential glam icon, Marc Bolan. Whether you want quality archive material, previously unreleased recordings or never before seen footage, Easy Action delivers the goods in lusciously packaged CD and DVD formats.

Not just another reissues label, Easy Action presents the key moments of some of the most influential artists of the epoch, on stage, in concert and forever.

Its summer time and we 're feelin' good ! The Moriaty debut album The Devils Child has been met with Critical acclaim even beating jack white and The Pixies latest in some mags! WE also have the Beach Boys 'Surfin' ' album out in time for you to catch some waves . The unreleased Nikki Sudden album will be here this summer delays are due to unimaginable lead times for vinyl we are now looking at 3 months turn around !!! This September we get the rights back to the albums that have previously been marketed by U.s label Secretly Canadian so expect deluxe Robespierres Velvet Basement & Kiss You Kidnapped Charabanc out of the traps soonest .The Alice Cooper album will finally be unleashed in July mail order customers will get ..err a specific version :)  The Black Tambourines will have already stormed the John Peel stage at Glastonbury Festival as we proudly present their debut album..expect great things from this lot ! VipVop rock n roll and rockabilly LP+CD re issues continue to go down well with ace reviews in Vintage Rock & Vive le Rock mags  more Chuck Berry along with Vince Taylor,Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran Johnny Cash all coming your way ! A new Maple Bee album this summer too "Little Victories" features stunning new material . The Wapping Wharf label brings us Majic Mijits the legendary album thought to be a myth recorded by Small Faces Steve Marriott & Ronnie Lane in 1980 and effectively shelved for decades. 

Also as we are TEN this year we will be making up some very nice Easy Action T shirts and hoodies and the like ! All will come with a FREE copy of Shark Infested Waters a sampler of a bit of whats gone and a bit more of what's coming ..its the natural successor to our wonderful The Fabulous Rachel Moss album 

Surf's Up !!




primal mc5 black to comm

Amazing performance, fabulous, beautiful CD & DVD deluxe box set of this once in a lifetime gig. DKT-MC5 and Primal Scream together for one night only.

dkt mc5 primal scream black to comm

Right now it's time to...kick out the jams mutha-fucker.